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Generic Name: alprazolam

Strength: 2 mg

Color: Yellow

Size: 15.00 mm

Shape; Rectangle

Class: Benzodiazepines

Availability: in stock

Drug Class: Benzodiazepines

Yellow Xanax bar is the generic form of the drug Xanax and is taken to treat the same diseases which Xanax treats. This pill sometimes has the number 039 imprinted on it. The quantity of the drug found in yellow Xanax bar is 2mg and the pill is similar in effect to white Xanax bar. The street name for this pill is yellow school bus on account of the color and shape.



Buy Yellow Xanax Bars Online

Xanax is one of the foremost well-liked medications for anxiety disorders. This medicine belong to the benzodiazepine family and used as a central nervous depressant (CNS). It is illustrious by the generic name Xanax. Since it’s an awfully common medication and wide prescribed by doctors for treating anxiety disorders and panic disorders, one may get confused wherever to shop for this product.

Where to Buy Xanax Bar?

You can order Xanax online from and have it shipped to your location in a no distant time. We have white Xanax bar 2mg.

Why use Xanax?

  • Panic disorder
  • Anxiousness associated with depression
  • Constant Anxiety
  • Anxious

Xanax is the single most prescribed psychiatric drug in the United States; belong to the benzodiazepines group of drugs. A brand name of alprazolam, Xanax is generally prescribed for anxiety linked with depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and panic disorder. The drug is used to treat anxiety disorder and is available in various forms which include the extended-release tablets, tablets, disintegrating tablets and liquid forms. Alprazolam is also available in several generic types and the brand Xanax was approved in 1981 by the Food and Drug Administration and together with the extended-release tablets are manufactured by Pfizer. Jazz Pharmaceuticals produce the orally disintegrating tablets while Alprazolam Intensol the liquid form is made by West-Ward Pharmaceuticals.

How To Take Xanax-Yellow Xanax Bar/ Buy Yellow Xanax Bars Online

The way Xanax is taken depends on the condition it is used for, the form being taken and your age. Your doctor is in the right position to decide how it should be taken, so Xanax should be used as recommended by your doctor. Depending on the prescription of your doctor, the drug is ideally taken one, two to four times daily. The tablets form should be taken with water while the markings in the calibrated dropper can be used for various doses and the concentrated oral form can be mixed with semisolid food or liquid and taken according to your doctor’s prescription. The tablet form should not be broken, crushed or chewed but swallowed as a whole with water.

Using Xanax-Yellow Xanax Bar

The best way to use Xanax is by following your doctor or pharmacist prescription. The drug is used to treat panic disorder as well as anxiety disorder by acting on the central nervous system and the brain to produce the calming effect that reduces the impact of these conditions. Xanax is also known to treat panic disorder linked with agoraphobia or without it reducing the number of panic attacks that occur. Panic disorder is a medical condition where an individual experiences frequent panic attacks. These attacks are often characterized by the brief duration of discomfort or intense fear. Before using Xanax, ensure you are well-advised about the side effects, and when you notice the occurrence of any reaction, promptly contact your doctor.


Before using Xanax, do make sure you are aware of the side effects. If you are allergic to alprazolam or you have other allergies, discuss with your doctor before using Xanax because the drug may contain some inactive ingredients that may trigger certain conditions. For people that have acute narrow-angle glaucoma, you should not take Xanax. Taking the medication reduces your ability to focus because it makes you drowsy if you are debilitated or aged, as such do not drive, operate machinery or involve in activities that require your alertness. Using Xanax can be addictive and habit-forming, do not use it longer than the recommended duration of your doctor or take higher doses. If you have a drug abuse history or alcoholism, depression, Kidney or Liver problems, breathing problems such as Asthma or history of seizures or Epilepsy, ensure you tell your doctor before taking Xanax.

Side Effects

Using Xanax has some side effects; however, your doctor might have known that it will benefit your condition before prescribing it for you. If any of the side effects persist longer than expected or worsens, consult your doctor immediately. Your dosage may have to be reduced or the form you are using changed. Dizziness, drowsiness, increase production of saliva are some of the side effects that are known to be caused by Xanax. The side effects often occur when you start using the drug, and they go away in short periods, so there is nothing to wrong about. You can also manage some of the side effects such as light-headedness and dizziness by getting up slowly when standing up from a lying or seated position.

Using Xanax To Treat Anxiety-Yellow Xanax Bar

Most individuals prefer using Xanax to treat anxiety than using therapy because it is instrumental in alleviating the condition. It is more like an easy fix for anxiety for most people. Anxiety causes an imbalance of chemicals in the brain. When Alprazolam is taken, it works on the central nervous system and brain to create a sense of relaxation and calm; it also works as a muscle relaxant and a sedative. It works in the body by slowing down or reducing the effects of panic and anxiety; however, the brain becomes used to the presence of the drug over time which can reduce the functioning of the GABA receptor worst than it was before using Xanax.

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43 reviews for Buy Yellow Xanax Bars Online

  1. Violet

    “I started Xanax in my 30s after my father was diagnosed with cancer and other life events started to pile up. It helped at the beginning. I could notice the difference in my anxiety and sleep patterns. However, a year or two went by and I found myself completely hooked. I had lost contact with friends and isolated from family, I left my job and spent most of the day at home. I truly had a 180 degree change in my social life, hobbies, and relationship. I spent all day at home watching TV and listening to music. I had no desire to deal with people or any type of social interaction. I found myself avoiding everything like going grocery shopping, driving, dealing with problems. Every time I tried getting off the Xanax it would backfire. It took months for me to stop taking Xanax and it has been 3 years without it. I lost many friends and family members and my relationship ended. I have slowly built myself up. Have a great job that keeps me busy, started running again and starting to make new friends.”

  2. Samuale

    “Been on Xanax for almost 17 years for acute anxiety disorder. I also have a rare heart condition that I take meds for. Xanax was good at first but now after 17 years and up to a prescription of 6mg a day. Just came down from 8mg a day. It’s messing with me. In the past few months I’ve been experiencing what I call googly eyes followed by a headache. I’ve told my Drs and none have an explanation. So I did a test myself. Took my heart meds as usual in the morning left out the Xanax. No googly eyes. Until I took one then there it was. Dizzy ,couldn’t see straight had to lay down with a bad headache. Can you build up a bad dose in your body after taking so much for so long? I’ve only been on the 8&6 mg for about 5 years. I have a family and I know I’m going to need in patient care to get off this stupid medicine. Also let me add yes I know I’m addicted and dependent but I’m scared and not sure if what to do but try to slowly ween myself off. Of course my dr is helping.”

  3. Craig Lozano

    “I have been having sleep issues for years. At times its not too bad but lately it’s been hard to fall a asleep. I also get up multiple times to urinate due to an enlarged prostate. I’m 51. My wife had some Xanax and she told me to try one before going to bed. I used it the last 2 nights. The pills are 0.5 mg. OMG, I slept like a BABY for the 2 nights and felt so refreshed. I also only got up once to use the bathroom. Most nights I get up almost every hour to urinate. That wreaks my sleep. I will not take the pill every night but I may periodically. Too bad it’s not safe to take for a long period of time.”

  4. Mudoh

    “I’ve been on a variety of different benzodiazipines for about 16 years now for anxiety, Agorphobia and even insomnia and I have to say Xanax is by far the most effective. I’ve been on Valium, Klonopin, Ativan and even SSRI’S and none helped me the way Xanax did. Ativan did absolutely nothing, Valium was “decent”(I’d give it a 5) because of its long acting qualities and Klonopin made me tired all the time. Only with Xanax can I lead a normal, productive life. Without that medicine I would not be able to hang out with friends, go to the grocery store, go to the mailbox, associate with my family …these are all triggers of my anxiety. Even answering the phone! I’ve taken 2mgs two times daily now for the past 7 years and it works great!”

  5. Ross Lam

    “I have to start by saying that I’m fearful of medications for starters, secondly I have dealt with anxiety, panic attacks and agoraphobia for many years now! I’m not housebound but do have a small neighborhood radius of “comfort”. I have in the past felt shamed of my condition as I thought I was unique and alone and somewhat embarrassed to try to explain my irrational feelings and thoughts, which I have learned since that they are entirely “made up” and thoughts lead to feelings that lead to behaviors all of which can be undone with the help of medicine, therapy, relaxation techniques, journaling, diet, exercise and not being afraid to open up about your anxiety. You are NOT alone! Learn to RELAX it WORKS.”

  6. Doris

    “I was prescribed Xanax after I had a anxiety attacks daily at school and only used them when I had anxiety because I knew how addictive they were , and nothing in the world helped like Xanax did, my anxiety 100 percent disappeared but after a few months began to have anxiety every time I didn’t take them it!! One month I used 1 bottle so quickly my mom wouldn’t let me refill my prescription since my uncle had a drug problem, but now I don’t have it I’m so anxious all over again!! Long story short this is a very affective medicine that works wonders if you only use during panic, but it’s a lot harder than you think, specially if you have anxiety often! I hate to see this medication with a 8.7 because it’s so dangerous, I just want people to be aware!!”

  7. Simon

    “I have been taking this drug for 13 years and I can tell you without it , I would probably be a basketcase. I take it twice daily .05 mill for a total of 1 mg per day. I hear so much negative about this drug but for me it has been a lifesaver. I have acute anxiety disorder and depression. I also take 20 mg a day of Prozac and have little to no side effects accept for ED . I am almost 69 yrs old so just being able to function and continue to stay active is a big plus.”

  8. Sam

    “Xanax has probably helped keep me alive and breathing over the last two years. The toll of being a military wife, mom, full-time worker, etc. had me so stressed out that I began to procrastinate on EVERYTHING because I couldn’t emotionally handle things like paying bills, running errands, etc. I only take 0.5mg of Xanax as needed, but just knowing it’s in my purse helps me keep my busy life moving ahead. Combined with Zoloft for depression and Ambien for insomnia, I finally feel like a normal person. I feel sorry for the woman I used to be, but I’m so happy to be myself now.”

  9. Cooper Hooper

    “Excellent for anxiety, especially if you start with the minimum amount, 0.25 mg and only take more if needed. I say this because I was prescribed 0.5 mg 3x daily and don’t need that much. Try to take the least amount and if that works don’t take more since you can build up a slight tolerance over time. My only concern is will I ever be able to be off of medicine. I just wish there was a natural cure for anxiety. I hate being dependent on this.”

  10. Jonhnny Anderson

    “I am about to turn 50 and my life of anxiety has been a recent and unpleasant downward spiral. I ended up in the emergency room twice with soaring blood pressure, flushing and heart palpitations plus overwhelming feelings of panic. I live daily with either anxiety or small panic attacks, they are debilitating and have affected my ability to continue work on my degree. After my last ER visit a doc felt I was having panic attacks and directed me to seek help at a Mental Health Clinic. I’ve tried several anti-depressants and I have not tolerated them well. Xanax (0.5 mg) has gotten me through many a day and night and I prefer this medication over all the others. It decreases the anxiety very quickly and helps to maintain a sense of normality.”

  11. Jeffrey Benjamin

    “Yeah, it works. Some people are more sensitive than others. Generally, you take a pill (depends on dosage) and you just start feeling your tight chest and stomach release, and I notice I begin breathing more calmly and normally. Just feels good all over, which is such a contrast from the horrors of anxiety. It can make you a little sleepy. I think for ‘normal people’ it would make them very sleepy. For ‘anxious’ people, I think it makes you normal and relaxed. The one problem is that if you take it too much, like three days in a row, the effect is reduced and you have to ‘up’ the dosage. I think it works best for occasional use, like before a difficult situation or when you’re just having a lot of anxiety and need calm.”

  12. Faris

    “It’s really hard to rate this medication because there are two sides to it, short term and long term. Short term ( 20 minutes- 4 hours) it can feel like a life saver. It will calm you down, and if needed let the pill dissolve under your tongue (sublingually) for faster results. I. This case it gets a 10/10. You should not take this medication long term (3 months max) or overuse Xanax or any benzodiazepine. You will become dependent, you will become tolerated and getting off of this medication usually requires a medical detox because of the potential of death, definitely extreme discomfort and anxiety levels off the charts. It gets a 0/10 on that side. Taking too much or drinking on Xanax is potentially fatal . Also taking it long term effects both long and short term memory severely. I recommend you take this review seriously as I have been through all of this minus death and I don’t wish my experience on anybody.”

  13. KINGS Mole

    “I’ve had severe anxiety all of my life manifesting in different forms. I take Pristiq which works well for my generalized anxiety. I have horrible situational anxiety that make me sweat feverishly and it’s so embarrassing. Xanax is a miracle for this. If I have an event going on that I know is going to take my anxiety over the edge I can take Xanax and it makes me totally comfortable and not sweat uncontrollably like I’m in a sauna. I don’t take everyday. 1mg maybe 4x a week if needed. Its a shame how people can abuse this drug ( I don’t get how) and promote it in rap music which gives it a terrible reputation. This ruins it for people who need it.”

  14. Jaclyn Short

    “After a recent medical diagnosis, I had a difficult time coping and felt a tremendous sense of fear and worry constantly. Brought me to the point I was physically ill everyday and having panic attacks frequently. Xanax is wonderful when you find the right dose. Too much and I became a zombie. 0.25 MG was my perfect dose. It brought me down from panic and allowed me to take a step back and deal with my problems rationally.”

  15. Katharyn B. Wallace

    For Anxiety: “Been on Xanax for almost 17 years for acute anxiety disorder. I also have a rare heart condition that I take meds for. Xanax was good at first but now after 17 years and up to a prescription of 6mg a day. Just came down from 8mg a day. It’s messing with me. In the past few months I’ve been experiencing what I call googly eyes followed by a headache. I’ve told my Drs and none have an explanation. So I did a test myself. Took my heart meds as usual in the morning left out the Xanax. No googly eyes. Until I took one then there it was. Dizzy ,couldn’t see straight had to lay down with a bad headache. Can you build up a bad dose in your body after taking so much for so long? I’ve only been on the 8&6 mg for about 5 years. I have a family and I know I’m going to need in patient care to get off this stupid medicine. Also let me add yes I know I’m addicted and dependent but I’m scared and not sure if what to do but try to slowly ween myself off. Of course my dr is helping.”

  16. Olli-Pekka Pasanen

    For Anxiety: “This is crazy what they are currently putting me through to get off of this FANTASTIC drug. I was prescribed this drug at the age of 17 after my brother died. Everyone on my maternal side since my great grandmother had been on this drug. I have been on xanax since i was 17. I now can live a normal life, go to school, get FANTASTIC grades am a mother of 2. I love my daily life till my doctor passed away… now I can not find a doctor to prescribe it. I do not abuse this drug and they have no reason to want to take me off of this drug. I have been great success from this drug. I wish i could find a psychologist that would continue to prescribe this medication when it really works successfully for myself. It is not fare that doctors are pressured to not perscribe this medication for those who need it. I am never going to leave my house and its going to take a toll on my children as well. Its just unfair. If anyone knows a psychiatrist in Philadelphia suburbs please let me know.

  17. Carly Bates

    “I used to get very aggravated over what normal people handle. I would go off. Have panic attacks and not know how to deal. Plus, I have tremors in my hands, mostly my right. Once I started taking Xanax the tremors stopped, I could deal calmly with my children when they got out of control. It helps me concentrate easier during the day & sleep well @ nite. It can have side affects though if you don’t take it properly! Take it as prescribed and don’t make yourself go through the withdrawals.”

  18. Elnora Rivas

    “I am prescribed up to 4mg a day and usually take 2 to 3 mg a day. I can’t be given any SSRIs due to bad reactions on my maternal side of the family. Xanax just works for me. Was it overprescribed for years and given to people who had no business taking it? Yes. But this drug works wonders for some people. And it’s not placebo. Am I dependent? Yes. Is my quality of life better on them? Yes. They don’t make me sleepy or black out. In fact they give energy and on bad days motivation to get out of bed. I’m in good health, sleep 6 to 8 hours a day, and can interact with people better. Are they for everyone? NO. But they’ve helped me immensely.”

  19. Giuseppe Halvorson

    “Its helps me function on a daily basis, It is non drowsy. It was made for me. It’s not addictive (for me) and I can take up to 3 1mg tablets per day. I probably take one primarily at night. Some days 2, once during the day and one at night. I take it for anxiety and depression. I also take Endep at night. I feel almost normal!”

  20. Darrell J. Smith

    “I suffer from social anxiety rarely leave the house. The anxiety leaves me isolated which cause extreme depression. With Xanax 1mg to 2mg takes all anxiety away and calms my depression 10 out of 10. Taking Xanax for over 20 years now.” THANKS VERY MUCH DIANA WOOD.

  21. William S. Walden

    Like most things in life, the issue is how and why one takes Xanax. If you are taking. XANAX IS GOOD FOR PAIN ADDICTION I LIKE TAKING XANAX.

  22. Ginny J. Ward

    Xanax is prefect drug for anxiety, but avoid drinking alcohol. Dangerous side effects or death could occur. When taking xanax.

  23. Kimberlee D. Gendron

    Hello Diana Wood,i just got my package.thank you and i have realities that you good are the best so far. i will order for more in three days time.

  24. Mathias A. Hansen

    I learned to calm down and to actually take a look at my life. Just don’t abuse the drug and it works wonders.

  25. Michael R. Johnson

    Definitely a good thing to take at your worst moments, but not good for regular use. XANAX IS THE BEST/

  26. Helen Hoppe

    It works well. Take it at night because it will make you drowsy but will help you sleep. I’m on the lower dose. I had been on a higher dose but it wiped me out. NO side effects. Sometimes a little dizzy but they could also attributed to the anxiety.

  27. Fenyves Szonja

    Great help, Yellow Xanax has really taking care of my panic attacks and anxiety. I truly recommend it.

  28. Mary G. Gore

    It stops my panic attacks immediately. It is the most effective medication I have ever taken for my anxiety and panic!

  29. Linda L. Shook

    Starting the beginning of this year after having my daughter Brook in last December. I started having body issues due to chronic pain and I got it checked that I found out I have fibromyalgia and a couple other arthritis. And being on Xanax I have found to keep me more at ease with my pain and am able to do more stuff that I need to get done thru out the day. And for the most important take care of my baby girl. Its has really help me

  30. Mark J. Winburn

    I have had panic disorder since I was 19 years old. PD runs in my family; my mother and my daughter have it. This drug literally changed my life. I am on Xanax XR 2mg, with .5mg for breakthrough attacks, which I almost never have. I have been stable on this dosage for years. Don’t listen to people who think you are on a terrible, addicting drug. Would they say that to a diabetic needing insulin? This drug gave me my life back. I tried multititle types of antidepressants. This medication is the only one that stopped my attacks, with no side effects.

  31. Danielle B. Bronstein

    It stops my panic attacks immediately. It is the most effective medication I have ever taken for my anxiety and panic!

  32. Kádár Rezsx

    Works well and is easy to use. It is fast acting.

  33. Helen J. Whittington

    I LOVE YELLOW XANAX 2MG. now that I’ve got your attention, the best med for panic disorder

  34. Paul R. Grant

    Bars are life. Iâ??m completely free of anxiety. Now Iâ??m just one happy again

  35. Daniel Tobiassen

    It made me feel normal.

  36. Cleta Kerluke

    Works very quickly, usually within 1-2 hours

  37. Therese Lesch

    Good for fast treatment of anxiety and panic attacks

  38. Tommi Mannisenmäki

    the best med for panic disorder

  39. Robert S. Barnhill

    Without this medicine i just dont think panic attacks, could be treated . I tried over 20 medicine , xanax takes the fear of dieing away inn just a few minutes

  40. Marguerite Auger

    Beloved friends, it’s a miracle drug, i love this drug. Its has really help me most for my anxiety and pains.

  41. Saville Lussier

    Do not get on this unless you desperately need it!!!! I’m addicted and will die without it literally !! But it does help

  42. Virginia C. luong

    I have had no side reactions and am 78 years old. It has saved my life.

  43. Searlas Arcouet

    The only side effect I had was, some days I would feel a little lethargic. But finding it was like finding the holy grail, after several years of no sleep.

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